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Hotels 4D selected Best of the Best in Australian Mobile Awards

At a lavish and fun* awards ceremony in Sydney last night, our Hotels 4D multi-platform app and website won the best Travel operators & Booking apps award at the Australian Mobile Awards 2013. What’s more, Hotels 4D is featured in the Best of the Best selection as Best Windows app. This category celebrates the participants […]

Best smartphones to come out in 2013

Back in 2012, not only did some amazing mobile applications hit the scene, but also a number of cutting-edge devices from the industry titans. Apple released new models for each of its signature products. Google can brag with a whole wave of flashy Android devices, and Microsoft enlisted HTC, Samsung and Huawei next to Nokia […]

Project management for the first time: Financial disillusion

As promised a month ago in the prequels, I’ve got the numbers! It is now a little less than a year since we started our experiment in the realm of content-based apps. More specifically, we decided to examine the revenue potential of publishing apps that offer unique content, in our case – greeting cards collections […]

Christmas in code: Android meets Silverlight *Interview series*

Meet Tsvetina Hantova, Silverlight developer at Melon, Inc What do you love and what do you hate the most about Windows Phone OS? There is lots of criticism surrounding this platform, and everyone says it is not going to work out. I actually enjoy these statements because they motivate me, and I take my job […]

Those annoying things you do

I love reading articles such as this lifehacker piece about annoying ways in which people use their mobile phones. In our recent poll you may have noticed that there is not a single everyday activity that people have protected from being invaded by their phone. But it gets worse, people (it is always them, not you […]

Melon Mobile Blog Lift-Off

Hi, I’m Petar. I am an ardent fan of all things mobile and believe that this market’s roller-coaster could be the most thrilling ride you are ever going to regret missing. I work as the Marketing Manager at Melon Mobile. In this little company of ours we have a long history of app development and have […]