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GPS Voice Navigation introduces Eco & Background modes

Having earned its place among the top navigation apps on the Windows Phone Store, GPS Voice Navigation continues to help many people in finding their way home. This article is an examination of all the issues which led to the latest update of our flagship app – the introduction of the Eco and the Background […]

Melon took the Mobile Solutions award at E-volution Awards 2013

We are happy to announce that last night Melon Mobile (part of Melon Inc) won the Mobile Solutions award at E-volution Awards 2013, organized by Forbes. This category recognizes the company that has developed and published the best mobile e-business solution. Melon’s winning application featured two of our most popular Windows Phone applications – GPS […]

Our Symbian App Giveaway Now Official

In terms of sales, Symbian’s market share dropped further and rapidly (not that it would surprise anyone) from 11.6% in 4Q11 to 1.2% in 4Q12. This means that in the last three months of 2012 the number of Symbian phones sold was just above 2.5 million worldwide. Come end of March, we’ll probably see it […]

Project management for the first time (Part II)

I’d like to begin on a happy note, so here it is, our gift for the holiday season: as of today, you can get our Classic Christmas Cards for Android completely free on Google Play. We invite you to download them and send them to aaaall the people you like, love or would like to […]

Project management for the first time

Stuck between process and disorder Almost a year ago, a bunch of us here at Melon became very keen on the idea to create a content-based series of apps. We went through several ideas about what our app should exactly offer, but ultimately we chose to make an app for greeting cards with a photo […]

Melon Mobile Blog Lift-Off

Hi, I’m Petar. I am an ardent fan of all things mobile and believe that this market’s roller-coaster could be the most thrilling ride you are ever going to regret missing. I work as the Marketing Manager at Melon Mobile. In this little company of ours we have a long history of app development and have […]