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Nokia’s reluctance to do call management justice

Nokia is working on an app that will help Windows Phone users block calls and SMS messages. Called Call+SMS filter, it offers somewhat limited but useful functionality, which will sound quite familiar to those of you who were fans of our call and SMS management applications back in the days of Symbian and Nokia. Considering […]

The call blocker that started it all just got better

The Android version of classic call blocking app (almost ten years of work experience) just acquired some real good new features and classy new looks.  By popular demand, the famous Advanced Call Manager now also blocks text messages (SMS). We also worked hard to make call blocking faster and reliable. Together with a number of […]

History of mobile apps through the eyes of Advanced Call Manager, an eyewitness

Surprisingly little is available online about the history of smartphone applications, or at least it is quite hard to dig out. Yet it is quite interesting and, if you go back enough, even endearing. In fact, we at Melon Mobile know quite a lot about the history of apps. WebGate, which is how Melon Mobile […]

Travel & Navigation: Where to?

 As a mobile developer, one of our goals is to create a product that will take the mobile market by storm. Currently, we are building apps that are engaging and entertaining, usable and useful, and target various user needs. However, all of them relate to different target groups in several categories – from travel and […]