Google Glass apps starter pack

By | May 16, 2014

glassGoogle Glass has just become available for everyone (in the US, 18+) who is ready to invest $1,500 in this buzzing wearable technology. For the price, you get a headset together with a choice of either titanium frames or shades. And if your eyes are already sparkling, be aware that the product is still in beta, even though Google promises further updates soon.

If you are curious what kind of apps are already available for this craved device take a look at these Glass applications worth nothing:

Glass To Do

This smart app creates “to do” lists (well, yeah :)) and remembers everything, from your busy schedule to the dinner shopping list. The software is quite easy to use and helpful in tracking your daily routine.


The Instagram for Google Glass allows you to apply filters to all photos you have taken with your Glass. Taking pictures with your glasses is for sure a whole new experience.

Bluetooth Manager Application

A simple and easy app that pairs your Google Glass with other devices such as keyboards and speakers. For those of you who have an Apple keyboard – yes, it pairs with Glass.


Google Glass users are now able to post pictures and videos in Glossaic (a sort of a social network for Glass people), but anyone else will be able to see and comment  on them. All pictures and videos appear on the Glossaic dashboard (the more attention a photo/video gets, the bigger it appears on the dashboard. All pictures and videos can also be shared through the social networks.


If you enjoy reading news in the morning or simply like to be informed, it is an absolute must to have Winkfeed on your Glass. The application sends you sets of news according to your schedule or in the moment the news appeared. A similar app is Glass Feeds, but unlike Winkfeed, which delivers news according to the trends in the social feeds, Glass Feeds sends you all the latest news for a chosen category.

We hope these will be a helpful start for anyone looking to improve their Google Glass experience.

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