Hotels 4D for Android now with a major update!

By | April 25, 2014


The latest Hotels 4D update equipped the Android app with all features available in Hotels 4D for iOS and Windows Phone. This includes an even bigger hotel database of over 850,000 hotels worldwide, complete with deals and promotions, the option to create your personal Hotels 4D account and social media integration.

Users can now rate, review and upload photos for hotels, cities, places and restaurants from their own profiles. Additionally, for each hotel or place there is a community information screen which shows the most recent ratings, reviews, photos and comments from other users. The update also includes city descriptions and useful travel tips to help tourists around the world.

We want to thank Melon’s Android team whose dedicated work led to such a functional and beautiful release in very little time.

What’s in the pipeline?

Yet another major update for all three mobile OS, Android, iOS and Windows Phone, is coming soon. Through gamification, it will add a little more fun to the otherwise (somewhat) stressful activity of looking for a place to stay. Different actions will be awarded with points and coins, which will allow users, hotel owners and agencies to recommend a hotel, position it on featured spots and make it visible to a higher number of users worldwide.  Stay tuned for more details!

As always, we encourage you to install the updated version and try its new, extended features. We are here for you, open for your suggestions and feedback!

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