Melon Mobile cannot wait: Christmas (or not) presents are here

By | December 6, 2013

Christmas starI don’t know about you, but for me the Christmas spirit is already thick in the air. From the new light displays in the streets to the decorations in the office and even the few Christmas toys I put on the shelf at home.

This all is nice, cozy and all, but I always feel quite stressed as soon as I see the first holiday decorations (which seems to happen earlier and earlier each year). I think of all the presents I need to buy, all the people I will forget to buy a present for, even though I love them dearly, all the wandering about and, eventually, running out of money.

So this year, on behalf of Melon Mobile, I’d like to start the gift-giving early so we can all relax for a while. Plus, you can use our present to send your friends and loved ones a really happy card to take their minds away from the Christmas fever, too.

This is what we have in mind:

Two of Melon’s beautiful greeting cards collections are going free today, for a limited time.

Take your mind off your thinning Christmas budget and get something for yourself. Our first gift is one of our most popular collections: I Miss You Cards.  Download it free for Android, iOS (iPhone & iPad) or Windows Phone and have some fun! These are part of our custom designed e-card collections. In each card, you can place photos of your favorite people (or yourself) – so every single one you send can be personal and different:

I niss you cards love

I miss you cards: Love (Android, iOSWindows Phone)

Aaaaand since more is always better when it comes to presents, we have chosen one more collection to give away – a different one for each mobile platform, to mix things up a little. Time to swap phones!

Windows PhoneFor Windows Phone we have chosen something everyone can have fun with – a gorgeous, playful collection for the inner child (or for you kids!):

Kids Fun Cards Windows Phone

Kids Fun Cards (Windows Phone)

AndroidFor Android, we are going with a classic – enjoy our beautiful Classic Christmas Cards, all free!

Classic Christmas Cards is also available for Windows Phone and iOS for less than the price of a standard holiday paper card!


iOS iPhone iPadAnd for iOS (iPhone & iPad), we would like to encourage you to say hi to your friends, near or far. Send them your widest smile with the beautiful Greeting Cards for Friends and let them know they are always on your mind!

If you like the idea, Greeting Cards for Friends is also available free for Android.

For Windows Phone, you can get Greeting Cards for Friends  for just $1.99!


Happy holidays, everyone!

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