Hotels 4D and GPS Voice Navigation score 4 out of 3

By | June 28, 2013

Things are getting surreal in the Melon Mobile headquarters as our winning streak continues and is starting to surpass our expectations. Last night, June 28, Melon Mobile won four prizes at the Bulgarian Web Awards 2013. Our Hotels 4D and GPS Voice Navigation were distinguished in all three categories they were submitted and Hotels 4D even received the special jury award for Best Website.

Hotels 4D and GPS Voice Navigation recognized at Bulgarian Web Awards 2013

Our hotel finder and booking app, Hotels 4D was distinguished with the Industry Award in Tourism, hotel and restaurant management and the Professional Award in Functional design and usability. To our pleasant surprise, the jury also selected Hotels 4D as the Best Site of 2013 in the Industry Web Awards” from a total of 48 nominees. According to the jury, these were the most contested categories.

Our top-class navigation app for Windows Phone, GPS Voice Navigation, was selected as Best Mobile Application.

Bulgarian Web Awards site (in Bulgarian)

Kudos to the sweet folks on the teams developing these two apps. Thank you guys, you rock! If you remember, a few weeks ago we introduced our Hotels 4D team. Soon, the mysterious GPS Voice Navigation team might also come into our spotlight.

Apropos, if you would like to see more such happy news about your favorite travel & navigation apps, please take a minute to support us in another competition, this time literally on the other end of the world.  Our stellar team, Hotels 4D and GPS Voice Navigation, got shortlisted in the 2013 Australian Mobile Awards. The categories in which they are participating are Travel operators & Booking Apps and Navigation, respectively.

To be considered for finalists, our apps need to get more user votes than their competition. If you are one of our thousands of happy users or supporters, please vote for them so they reach the final!

Vote for Hotels 4D

Vote for GPS Voice Navigation

Hotels 4D won 3 awards at Bulgarian Web Awards 2013

Our Petar Schwartz goes on stage to collect the first award – of many that night.

Hotels 4D won 3 awards & GPS Voice Navigation - one at Bulgarian Web Awards 2013

Four awards for two apps: Hotels 4D and GPS Voice Navigation


On the stage again, Bulgarian Web Awards 2013

At some point it was almost getting a little awkward :)

Bulgarian Web Awards - host and winner

… but then it wasn’t anymore. Petar Schwartz and the show’s host, Bulgarian show host and performer Deo.


– Nora


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