How we grow our team: hiring at Melon Mobile

By | June 7, 2013

Melon Mobile team

This week we asked our HR specialist, Maria Pavlova, to write a piece about hiring at Melon and specifically in the mobile department: starting from what we look for in a candidate all the way to how we introduce new members to the team and process at Melon. Maria takes it from here:

  • Recruitment for the mobile department

At Melon, we value character, common sense and motivation. The candidates we take into the team should be ready to work with a professional attitude, dedication and, naturally, show results.

  •  What we look for

The ideal candidate is easy-going, open-minded and motivated, with a passion for software development and mobile development in particular. The appropriate technical background and experience, with regard to the seniority of the open position, is a must.

  • What to expect at the interview

Our interviewing style is definitely informal. We try to make the candidate feel as comfortable as possible and start a friendly conversation.  During the interview, which lasts approximately one hour, we assess technical skills, logical thinking, interpersonal skills and motivation by giving the candidate both technical and non-technical questions and cases.

At the end of the interview, we introduce Melon’s mobile department (type and size of the projects, specifics of the job in the respective mobile team, etc.). We try to give our candidates as clear a picture as possible of what they would be facing in their job with us, so that they can see if they identify with the culture at Melon.

One heads-up we always give is that for us the code quality is very important, which is why we periodically perform code reviews.

  • When a new colleague joins our mobile development

There is a special induction procedure when a new developer joins one of our mobile teams. Usually the induction period takes a few weeks (depending on the level of seniority of the developer). During this time, the new colleague is given materials to read and tasks to perform in order to get to know the specifics of the job. Each new developer gets a mentor (who could be the project manager, team lead or an experienced colleague) who is responsible for supporting the new developer in the job.

Near the end of the induction period, we give a small project with a deadline for both us and the new team member to evaluate his/her progress in getting up to speed with the rest of the team. Meanwhile, the mentor is available to answer questions and offer support. The new developer is also welcome to turn to his/her colleagues for advice and ideas. After the task is complete, he/she discusses it with the mentor and the mentor offers constructive feedback. Sometimes it may take a little more time for a newcomer to fit into the environment. We try to accommodate everyone’s work style and pace until a level of comfort is reached by both the new and experienced team members. If the mission is successfully completed, the new mobile developer is presented with a real project and officially becomes a part of the mobile team.

Melon fact snacks:

- The ratio of men to women in the company is 60 : 40.

- We have two offices, both in Bulgaria. One is in Sofia and one in Veliko Tarnovo.

- Our first mobile app was published in 2003, just one year after the first smartphone to support third-party applications was released.

- We have created, developed and published over 50 apps in our own product portfolio and tens of others for custom projects.

- At present we are developing apps on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10.

- We are hiring.


– Maria

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