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By | January 18, 2013

 As a mobile developer, one of our goals is to create a product that will take the mobile market by storm.

Currently, we are building apps that are engaging and entertaining, usable and useful, and target various user needs. However, all of them relate to different target groups in several categories – from travel and navigation (Hotel Finder) through education (Smartboard Calculator) to productivity (PDF Scanner, Advanced Call Manager) and entertainment (greeting cards collections).

But with so much competition, it is difficult to achieve the kind of success we dream for, when we are spreading our efforts in several different areas.

For this reason, we became very fond of the idea to expand our Travel and Navigation offering, an area both useful and fun. We laid its foundations more than a year ago with the release of GPS Voice Navigation for Windows Phone – currently our top grossing Windows Phone product. Our idea is to provide quality travel apps to aid users’ trips so everyone can enjoy a well-planned and problem-free travel experience with minimal effort. In 2012, we continued to expand our portfolio and launched two more travel apps for Windows Phone. Here’s a bit more about all three.

Hotel FinderHotel Finder (free)

This app simplifies hotel discovery through the use of an interactive map with live filtering of search results. What this means is that the app’s main interface is a map where you see all the hotels in the area you are interested in.

I am starting with it because we are currently hard at work to make it the best hotel booking app on the Windows Phone Marketplace. It is certainly headed in this direction, having joined the top 5 apps in its category.

What I personally love about the app is the special marker always showing the direction to the city center and closest airports, as well as the distance from your current location. Other features include a broad database (over 200k hotels worldwide), live key-factor filtering, genuine ratings from millions of travelers and, of course, hotel summaries with photos, reviews, comments, contacts, facilities, etc. New features will include offline maps for Windows Phone 8 and many more. Our roadmap for the following months includes many updates and building brand awareness in order to have a product whose name is known to hotel seekers as a preferred booking tool on the go.

The application was launched back in September 2012, currently making an average of 100 downloads per day and a total of over 13k users.

GPS-Voice-Navigation GPS Voice Navigation

Back in June 2011, the first version we released featured Google®, Bing®, Yahoo® and MapQuest® maps, offered both voice directions and onscreen instructions and a convenient dashboard with useful information such as the current speed, estimated time of arrival (ETA) and distance traveled.

A year and a half later, we have added an option to display speed cameras on the map, speeding warnings, navigation to points of interest and a fresh Windows 8 design. What’s coming in the next versions are 2D/3D map modes, night mode, detailed voice instructions (with street names) and offline maps so that users will no longer need an Internet connection to access the service. This update is planned for the beginning of February this year.

GPS Voice Navigation is at the top of its category, with a total of nearly 83k downloads, or about 270 per day.

Speed Cameras Speed Cameras (free)

Released at the end of December 2012, so far this app has enjoyed excellent reception – for less than three weeks it got almost 70k downloads, or an average of 5k downloads per day. Good job!

The application is a handy tool that warns drivers worldwide of police traps, radars and speed cameras (fixed, mobile or traffic light). It includes features such as a worldwide camera database, speeding warning, automatic updates (new radars, cameras and police traps) and more. Its next update, planned for February, includes a simple navigation tool and a broader database of cameras, especially in the US.

So far we have lots of comments, many positive reviews and suggestions such as a broader database for US roads, faster loading time and the option for users to report new cameras/radars.

We do our very best to help people get to their destination with smiles on their faces and we strongly recommend that you install these apps and see for yourself how easy it is to travel in our company. Feedback is more than welcome! We are especially keen on hearing your opinion on what new solutions are  needed in the travel and navigation category.

– Milena

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