Holiday Lottery Draw: My Favorite Card

By | December 4, 2012
Melon's skylight

The skylight in our office, photo by Tihomir Utev

Hello, hello!
It is snowing here in Bulgaria already! Looking through the frosty skylight above our desks, we feel like sharing some of the holiday spirit that fell on us from the sky. And we have an idea!

One thing we have always wanted to organize is a fun competition with a lottery draw, and this is exactly what we are going to do. As you know we have a soft spot about greeting cards, so this is what our pre-Christmas game is going to be about. We are super excited to announce

My Favorite Card – Melon’s Holiday Lottery Draw

Do you have a favorite postcard? One that you have received or crave to receive?

1.)    Show us a picture of this special greeting card in the comments to this post – it could be paper or digital, from the past or from the future. Feel free to be in the picture, too.

If you do not use any image-sharing service such as Twitpic or Flickr, you could link to your picture through (no account required)

2.)    Tell us what the occasion was or why/by whom you wish to receive the card.

3.)    Tell us which one of the three awards posted next you would like to get.

By posting this comment, you will enter a lottery draw for one of three cool awards* which look like this:


An elegant photo frame!


A roll-up keyboard!


A camera lens coffee mug!

Please, note, that if we draw your comment, we will ask you (here on our blog) to e-mail us your name and an address at which to ship your award.


  • Who can participate:

Everyone, except for Melon employees and affiliates.

  • Timeline:

Start: Now!

End: Lottery-eligible comments should be posted after this article by 19 December, midnight your time

Lottery will be drawn and announced on: 20 December

We will send out you awards at the beginning of January. Receiving presents after Christmas, it will be such a blast!

Disclaimer: the manner in which we draw the lottery will be completely random. We will see how many comments we have (say, XYZ) and ask our CEO (who will not have read the comments in advance, we promise) to name three numbers between 1 and XYZ. The three comments with these numbers will be then announced here on the blog.

So start posting and check back here on Dec 20 to see if you’ve won! But we recommend coming back even before that – we’re sure there will be some lovely cards and memories posted here.

–the Melon Mobile team

*We reserve the right to offer a (suitable) replacement for the award you have chosen if it runs out of stock by 20 Dec – Christmas season can be tricky this way.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Lottery Draw: My Favorite Card

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  2. Live-and-let-live

    Great contest! This is one of my favorite cards:
    It’s a paper card from the Demotivators series, produced by Despair Inc. (no joke!). :) My history professor gave it to me when I graduated from university. It says “Consistency. It’s only a virtue if you’re not a screup.” :D
    If I win, I’d like to get the camera lens coffee mug, it’s really cool!


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