Three fun Windows Phone apps

By | July 13, 2012


Instead of freaking out about Friday 13, turn it into a day for enjoying life – and perhaps pulling out some small pranks. Share your joy with others, I always say. Or will start saying so from now on.
My own prank for some of you is that this will be a list of five three Windows Phone apps – and globally, not many of you own such a device. He-he :)

1. Service Bell Free – this app I found just yesterday and it already cracked me up. If you happen to be in front of an empty hotel front desk, just pull out your phone and ring that bell! And not only – surprise your friend running late for the date, or your spouse who takes his time bringing the steak to the dinner table. Comes with a handy option of a nervous “nine ringer” for those wishing to be at their most annoying.

2. Horoscopes and Tarot – don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating superstition. However, this particular horoscope app always has something positive to say about my day. Plus, this horoscope features excellent generalized advice, which I find comforting in a very unburdening way. One note – I never tried the tarot cards, so I don’t know about them. Here’s an excerpt from my today’s horoscope (Aquarius) for a quick taste of these wise words of advice:
“It’s your job to see through the trendy makeup and fashion that hide the true personalities of the people who insist on wearing these masks. The key is not to be fooled by those who hide behind a façade built more by society than by themselves.”

3. Wikitude – this app strikes the perfect balance between gossip and information, right at that point where you don’t have to feel guilty. It shows you the state of the nearby Twitterverse, on a map or a list, so you can read the random ramblings of nearby folk and perhaps even join in the conversation. Also, you can use it to make acquaintances if you are stuck in a neighborhood where you don’t know anyone. And best of all, you will know if someone is drinking and tweeting nearby and can have some good laughs reading their tweets.

So, this is it for now. With some luck, I will make my colleagues with Android, iPhone and BlackBerry phones share their fun apps in the coming weeks. Anyone has something to suggest?

- Nora

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    1. melonmobile

      Point taken – I fixed the number in the intro paragraph, thanks!
      Would you like to add two yourself, Tony? I have a hunch you may have something to share :) – Nora


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