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GPS Voice Navigation


Multi-language turn-by-turn voice driving directions integrated offering a choice of map and routing providers: Google®, Bing® and MapQuest®. Stay on the right track while driving, with the help of both voice and onscreen instructions.
 Best International App at Mobile Excellence Awards

Everything on a map

* Selected Best International App in Mobile Excellence Awards 2013 *

* Winner of Best Mobile Application in Bulgarian Web Awards 2013 *

GPS Voice Navigation provides turn-by-turn voice driving directions with a choice of three map and routing providers: Google®, Bing® and MapQuest®.

With GPS Voice Navigation, you get all the important driving information shown right on the map. Add to this spoken turn-by-turn directions and you are ready to go anywhere! The detailed dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of your estimated time of arrival, time and distance travelled and remaining, plus written directions.

Looking for a gas station or a restaurant? This app will help you search by name or locate the nearest POIs, such as touristic places, restaurants, gas stations and hotels. POIs also available as layers on the map.

Dreaming of one-click directions? Create a list of favorite locations and enter your ‘home’ address to access routes in a second.

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What is new:
Save up to 50% of your battery life and do multitasking with the new GPS Voice Navigation Eco & Background modes!

  • Eco mode - Your battery lasts twice longer as voice directions are on and no maps or tiles are loaded. The eco screen shows distance and time left.
  • Background mode (WP8 only) - You get directions while performing different operations on your phone.


  • Full spoken instructions (Windows Phone 8 only)
  • Integrated as navigation app (Windows Phone 8 only)
  • Option to display Speed Cameras (fixed, mobile or traffic light) as layers on the map.
  • A different warning alarm screen for each type of camera
  • Notification bar showing nearby cameras and speed limit signs
  • Speeding warning
  • Hotel and restaurant booking (via and others)
  • Integrated, searchable contacts
  • Pin to start option for destinations
  • Trip pause/resume button
  • Autozoom
  • App interface and navigation instructions in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Bulgarian
  • Works with metric & imperial units as well as road & hybrid maps.

Please, note: GPS Voice Navigation is meant to aide your trip. You are advised not to rely solely on the suggested routes and directions and to exercise judgment using this app. Melon Mobile LLC cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or for damages caused by the use of this software.

Free trial:

GPS Voice Navigation is available for trial or purchase at the Windows Phone Store. In trial mode, routes are limited to 50km (30 miles). Rate GPS Voice Navigation and raise this limit to 80km (50 miles). To work with longer routes, you need to purchase the application from the Windows Phone Store

GPS Voice Navigation on Windows Phone Store

GPS Voice Navigation at the Windows Phone Store