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Registration Number and Activation Key Problems
How to download, redownload and install my software
Software upgrades

1. Are software upgrades free?

Most software upgrades of Melon Mobile products are free for registered users. However, in case of a major upgrade Melon Mobile reserves the rights to require an upgrade fee for the new version of a given application.

2. How to upgrade my Melon Mobile application to the latest version?

You can download the installation file of the latest version of your software from or directly to your phone from You can also do this straight from your phone, from the application’s main menu (go to “Check for update”)

3. Will my settings be lost if I upgrade the application?

All applications will keep their settings if you overwrite the existing installation and if the upgraded version is installed on the same media (memory card or phone memory).

4. License validity after an application upgrade.

The license will remain valid unless the application is upgraded to a newer version that requires a paid upgrade.