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06 September, 2013
Thank you for 1 million Windows Phone downloads!
Who was it that said the first million was the hardest? In that case, as of this month we are going to have it real easy! Our Windows Phone applications just hit one million downloads – and are moving quickly towards the next million. We are looking forward to the purchases hitting this number, which seems like a natural next step.

Melon Mobile celebration

The major part of these downloads are from 2013 alone, thanks to our star performers: Speed Cameras, GPS Voice Navigation, Smartboard Calculator, our greeting cards collections, Hotels 4D and Anti-radar.

This is not our first million, though. We estimate the total number of devices hosting our apps to be over 22 million worldwide, across all platforms. On the Symbian platform, through the Ovi Store alone, we have reached 7.5 million downloads, and counting. In fact, for the Symbian platform we have at least as many downloads through other channels.

To celebrate our first million downloads on the Windows Phone Store, we threw a little party in our headquarters yesterday. We wish you could be there, so we could personally thank you for installing a Melon Mobile app. Our goal every day is to make sure you have made the right choice with us.

We hope these photos will help you join our celebration in spirit as we know you are everywhere on the planet. Feel free to drop us a line and tell us about your experience with our apps and with our team; we always get a kick of getting in touch with our fans, friends and clients!

A big thank you also goes to the teams who have worked hard on these apps all the way from discussing a vague idea to the birth of a yummy app.

PS. The cake, by the way, was made with melon :)

One million Windows Phone downloads party