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25 June, 2014
E Food Additives for Android helps us understand food labels
Melon Mobile just published E Food Additives on Google Play, a useful and comprehensive library of E Numbers that definitely deserves a place among your go-to reference apps. One of our most popular iOS apps, E Food Additives is now available for Android phones and tablets and is entirely free (no in-app purchases, no ads), just like its iPhone and iPad version.

Use E Food Additives to quickly look up food additives by their E numbers. Check the ingredients while you shop and see whether your favorite snacks contain food preservatives to avoid. With this app you will be able to understand food labels and decipher E codes to make healthy nutrition choices.

You can refer to E Food Additives on a daily basis, for example when you go shopping, to avoid foods containing harmful additives. You can check ingredients’’ origins in order to identify and avoid allergens (lactose, gluten, etc.) or products with animal origin if you are vegetarian or vegan.

Try it now, it is a minimalist, smooth and life-bettering app you get for free. Know your food, for you are what you eat.