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08 November, 2013
Customer Support for Symbian and BlackBerry to Stop
On 1 January 2014, we will stop offering technical support for our Symbian and Blackberry applications via e-mail and all other channels.

When Nokia and Blackberry (formerly RIM) discontinued the support for their legacy mobile platforms, our business changed significantly. However, we continued updating our apps for these two platforms, offering customer care and slowly going through the fadeout together with our customers. With both companies having released an entirely new operating system, the legacy ones are quickly losing their user base. We can clearly see this through our support department, who receive fewer and fewer such tickets.

Support for the now obsolete Symbian and Blackberry platforms will cease on several levels. First, we will stop updating our apps and our developers will no longer work on any user requests or other tasks concerning our Symbian and Blackberry apps.

Second, we will no longer respond to e-mail (or other) support requests for Symbian and BlackBerry apps. This includes, for example, help with app setup and use, offering replacements (e.g. after factory reset, device change, etc) and resetting lost passwords for our security apps (Advanced Device Locks, Advanced Device Locks Pro, Easy Locator, Security Lock and Safe Deposit Box). Please, make sure you store your password safely or uninstall the app as there will be no way to recover lost passwords after 1 January 2014.

The user manuals will remain available for questions related to app installation, setup, features and troubleshooting, as will the FAQ sections for those apps.

This announcement probably does not come as a surprise. We have been a devoted Nokia developer for many years now and stood by their Symbian platform till the very end, but the end has already been in progress for a while now. Last month Nokia announced that starting January 1, 2014, developers will no longer be able to publish any new or update existing Symbian applications.

After the January release of BlackBerry 10, an entirely new platform with no backward compatibility, BlackBerry OS for which we have a number of successful apps, was discontinued. While the company says they still support version 7.x, it is clear that they are focusing their efforts on making Blackberry 10 work.

Melon Mobile has been offering fast, friendly and reliable support for almost 10 years now – ever since we released the first Advanced Call Manager app for UIQ in 2004. Throughout these years, our support team has handled over 100,000 tickets and been both blessed and sent to hell by people who’ve gotten in touch with us. You can read more about the secrets of this under-the-radar but vastly important department in our blog article. In it we reveal some interesting moments from our 9 years of customer support for Symbian and over 4 for BlackBerry.