Holiday season tip: 5 good reasons to choose e-cards over paper greetings

By | December 13, 2013

If you are a thoughtful, person with good planning skills, you have probably already started sending out Christmas cards to friends the world over. If you are anything like me, though, you are probably getting a little fidgety instead. Anxious about the fact that you have still not picked a single card to send to relatives and friends, let alone thought of your unique and sweet holiday wish for this year.

Happily, in such a lightning-fast digital world as ours, there are always clever ways to make it on time. Besides the great time advantage e-cards offer, there are at least five more very good reasons to choose e-cards this Christmas season:

1. E-cards are environmentally friendly
No trees are harmed in the making of an e-card! Not just that, its transportation, regardless of the destination, is fueled mainly by the power of your good intention alone. Although, admittedly, you will produce an (excusable) amount of CO2 while typing your message and hitting “Send.”

2. E-cards allow you to better express yourself
You can customize an e-card in numerous ways! For example, in photo cards (which are Melon Mobile’s specialty), you can easily insert any of your favorite photos, without having to print it out first. This way you can create a different emotion just by selecting a different photograph to place in your favorite frame.

3. E-cards are fair
You want to send the wonderful, perfectly fitting card you discovered to your entire team? No need to lick 20 separate envelopes when you can e-mail one card simultaneously to everyone you are thinking of! This way you can be sure it will reach their mail box at the same time, whether they are at home or at The Caribbean.

4. E-cards are always handy for reminiscing
Even if your friends are not great at organizing their memorabilia and always end up losing their greeting cards when they move to a new place, your beautiful, personal, and environmentally friendly e-card will always be available in their Inbox.

5. E-cards come in lots of exciting varieties
You can choose between hundreds of beautiful, artful designs, which are likely to also include diverse forms of delivery such as Flash or video greeting cards, multimedia / interactive e-cards, and even cards which can be played like a game. The world of e-cards is full of opportunities waiting for you to discover them.


If you are wondering where to look for pretty and original Christmas and New year’s e-cards, we have a suggestion. Get your phone and explore our beautiful custom-designed greetings. All of them allow you to insert a photo and have been specifically created for this purpose by a team of talented Bulgarian designers whiom we challenged with the task. Take a look!

Christmas e-cards for iOS, Android and Windows Phone


Christmas Cards for Windows Phone


Christmas Cards for iOS


Christmas Cards for Android




Happy New Year ecards


New Year Cards for Windows Phone


New Year Cards for iOS


New Year Cards for Android




Did you know:

Controversial beginnings One of the first mass-produced Christmas cards (approx. 1,000 copies) is believed to have been designed in 1843 by the English painter John Horsley. If though he was the first, therefore his card would have been a breakthrough any way he designed it, Mr. Horsley went the extra mile and drew a child taking a sip from a glass of wine – and image which even nowadays would be controversial, let alone in Victorian England.

The MIT connection The first postcard site was created at the MIT Media Lab. Called The Electric Postcard, it was started in late 1994 by Judith Donath.

Frenemies The greeting card “mammoth,” Blue Mountain used to be affiliated with Microsoft, which promoted it on the Hotmail service. A year later, however, Blue Mountain ended up suing Microsoft when the Hotmail spam filters started sending email card announcements from Blue Mountain (and others) in the Junk folder.


Need inspiration writing a memorable wish?

The most difficult part is often to write a greeting you are willing to put your name under. To get you started, I’ve selected some of the all-time most popular wishes people send from the funny e-card website Someecards:


“May you live to be so old that your driving terrifies people.”

Thinking of you:

“Just wanted to let you know that I love you even though you aren’t naked right now.”


When work feels overwhelming, remember that you’re going to die.


I’m glad we share a sense of humor and an understanding that I’m slightly funnier.


Thank you for the gift, party, dinner, or other gesture that required significantly more consideration than this ecard.


And whatever may happen, remember to enjoy some time with yourself and be kind to others. This is the secret ingredient for spending truly wonderful winter holidays!

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