Hotels 4D for iOS, Android & Desktop now live!

By | April 19, 2013

Dear Friends,

We are proud to announce the launch of the long expected Hotels 4D booking application for iOS, Android and Dekstop.  The app is absolutely free and is available in eight languages and for Windows Phone too.

Hotels 4D


Hotels 4D is an app that simplifies hotel discovery through the use of an interactive map with live filtering of search results.

With the help of icons and colors you can easily filter hotels by star rating and price, right there on the map. Additionally, for every single hotel you can immediately see its distance from nearby airports and the city center.

Hotels 4D tips   App features:

- Database of 350,000+ hotels worldwide

- Search for hotels close to where you are or anywhere in the world on an interactive map with live key-factor filtering

- No complicated forms

-  Special marker always showing city center and airport direction as well as distance from current location

- Genuine ratings from millions of travelers

- Hotel summary – photos, reviews, comments, contacts, facilities and more!

- Add hotel (desktop version only)


We felt that the widespread traditional online booking paradigm should be improved. The search results only get you a little bit closer in finding the right place to stay fitting your needs. We thought about the way we look for hotels online. We examined it both as regular users of the services, as well as experienced builders of digital solutions.

The identified need and the thought we put into meeting it resulted in a location-centric, easy as one-two-three hotel search approach which comes closest to what makes sense to us. Our efforts were concentrated on building and testing this new approach.

Now that test results encouraged us to triple our efforts we reached a phase of promoting and expanding our idea hoping to inspire change in the way people look at mobile and web services.


The 4D is a grand masterplan of bringing booking services into the mobile era.

Hotels are the biggest part of online booking, hence we start with this particular 4D sub-brand. Our plan is to expand the logic to other industries.

Why 4D? Because 3D is the space we exist in. It’s our location. It’s where you are or want to be. You – with your wishes, emotions and thoughts – are the fourth dimension. The whole you and where you are at is what should define how a piece of intelligent software sees you.

Concentrating on location in the 3D space we occupy, we felt that our solution expands it by bringing in a new dimension. It comes to play whenever we are looking for an answer to our question at hand.


 A special thank you to all those who helped make this happen!


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