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SMS Undo Free


SMS Undo Free integrates with your messaging to give you the power to undo texts even after you hit "Send." Don't let careless texting bring chaos to your life!

You can undo it!

Making many typos? Sending messages you shouldn't have?

SMS Undo Free gives you the power to undo such mistakes even after you hit the “Send” button. If you see the potential for disaster or just want to fix your spelling, simply undo and save yourself the trouble and embarrassment coming your way!

Don’t let careless texting bring chaos to your life! Some examples:

  • You write a saucy message to your boyfriend/girlfriend and, by mistake, send it to your boss. Undo!
  • You update Twitter or your Facebook status by SMS and realize in the last moment you're about to post something quite silly with no chance of going back. Undo!
  • An acquaintance does you a favor and you respond with ‘Thamk you! I apqreciate it!’ Undo!
  • At a formal meeting a colleague stands up to your boss and you quickly text him under the table: ‘I think you’re very bald.’ His hair is, in fact, receding. Undo!
  • You want to share a story with your mom, texting her: ‘Today I almost died’ and in your rush press “Send” before you could finish with ‘laughing.’ Undo!


  • Adds a handy undo option to every SMS you send
  • “Send” button to exit SMS Undo’s dialogue if you don’t need to change anything
  • Seamless integration with your phone’s native messaging
  • Undo timer allowing you to set the period you have to decide whether to undo
  • Easy on and off switch
  • The pleasure of owning a simple, unique and life-bettering application

The beauty of SMS Undo Free is in its enormous usefulness served in the simplest possible way. Try it, and you will never go back!
 SMS Undo at Ovi (Nokia) Store

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