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04 January, 2012
Melon Mobile: Year in Review 2011
All that happened with us in the previous year
What better time to take a snapshot of the previous year and remember the highlights of 2011? A lot of things happened; many of them involved you, our customers, friends and supporters. Thank you for being with us through it all!
We are happy to say that the end of the year found us upbeat and positively excited about what is to come in 2012. Our company persisted in its journey onwards and upwards this year by publishing new products on new platforms and forging successful partnerships. We are proud to have done so well in a very complex global economy and continue to build customer loyalty.

We are proud to announce that we became an Authorized Industry Software Vendor of Motorola Mobility. Being in good company is key to doing well, so we also continued our memberships in Forum Nokia Pro, BlackBerry Alliance Program, Samsung Mobile Innovator, Apple Developer Connection and Android Market. Additionally, Melon is a certified Microsoft partner and we are very excited to be developing for the growing Windows Phone platform, a product of the joint work of two valued partners, Nokia and Microsoft.
Awards and recognition
Chosen among 196 entries by 103 developers, our soon-to-be-released Baby Monitor app won the Nokia App Launcher Competition (Nov 2011). Participating in this competition was very rewarding because the award was not only a sign of recognition from Nokia’s expert UI team, but also a result of great teamwork here in Melon. You can see the lucky icon here.
In May, we were happy to announce that Nokia E7 Blue was preloaded with our flagship app Advanced Call Manager (ACM), together with six other premium apps. ACM was the only non-entertainment app in the selection, the others being popular games.
Advanced Call Manager’s successes do not end here – this year, it was selected by Nokia to participate in their exclusive Gift Program in which Ovi offers free premium apps for several specific device models. From the Gift Program alone, ACM has been downloaded over 1 million times by users around the world.
New apps
This year we made our debut in the navigation apps category, and what a debut it was:
  • GPS Voice Navigation for Windows Phone - turn-by-turn voice navigation for Windows Phone devices integrated with the most commonly used map and routing providers (Google®, Bing®, Nokia® and MapQuest®). GPS Voice Navigation has spent 4 weeks in the overall US Top 100 apps on the Windows Marketplace and 2 months in Top 5 Navigation apps (US market).
We already have a collection of fun and classic electronic cards with a picture hole for various occasions. This year we published:
  • For Windows Phone: 
  • For Android:
All greeting cards applications feature a variety of beautifully designed frames with a hole in which you can place favorite photos. The cards can be sent via email or uploaded to Facebook and Twitter (for Android this can be done straight from the app).
We also continued building our portfolio of utility apps – tools that everyone can use to get one or another useful task done:
  • Employee Monitor for Symbian – designed to help small-business owners by limiting employee calls and messages from their work phone to pre-approved numbers only. 
  • Child Phone Guard for Symbian – an app built to protect your young child or teenager from unwelcome calls and messages.  We believe that this is a parent’s safe choice when it comes to keeping unwanted phone communication away from their child’s cell.
  • Bill Optimizer for Symbian - the perfect tool to help anyone track their monthly phone usage and consult with before changing their mobile operator.
  • Security Lock for Blackberry - the best mobile solution against theft and unwanted access to your phone. Security Lock allows you to lock your device with a password or prevent outside access to specific applications only.
  • PDF Scanner for Symbian, BlackBerry and Android – after stellar performance on the Windows Mobile 6 platform, we made PDF Scanner available on three other major mobile OS. PDF Scanner was the first image-to-PDF app for BlackBerry. For the Android app, we implemented Google Docs beta optical character recognition (OCR) and Evernote integration.
Updated apps:
GPS Voice Navigation for Windows Phone – After its launch in June, the app got two major (and free) updates. We added advanced features such as hotel booking, search of points of interests near your location and more.  
PDF Scanner for Android, BlackBerry – during the year, we released two major (and totally free!) updates for these two major mobile OS.
This year we were very focused on building a community where we could freely interact with our customers and friends through different media and also be able to give and receive instant feedback. The results are very encouraging:
  • We now have 2,200+ Facebook likes, up from 500+ less than two months ago – and we keep growing. Feel free to drop us a line and share your thoughts or questions about anything mobile with us. 
  • Our friendly customer support team answered thousands of support requests.
  • We published three new videos (app tutorials), and plan to continue developing our YouTube channel
  • We surpassed 100 Twitter followers
  • We are preparing to start our own blog and already made the first steps this December by publishing a series of useful articles (a series called “The Best Free Apps of 2011” for all major mobile OS, an overview of ten of the biggest tech events of 2011 and five tech predictions for 2012) that we also sent out in our Christmas newsletter (did you get your copy?)
In the office
Last but not least, our mobile team doubled for the past year. We are confident that our enthusiastic work culture, cool brand and global reach will keep pushing us forward in the crazy world of mobile!
Thank you for being with us! We promise more and more high-quality and fun apps coming your way!
Happy New Year!