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10 November, 2010
Advanced SMS Preview makes new text messages pop
Melon Mobile launched Advanced SMS Preview (ASP), an application that allows you to see your incoming messages as soon as they arrive, straight on your phone’s display. Even if your phone is locked, ASP will light up your display and show the full text of any incoming SMS. This way you can quickly scan incoming texts without having to fumble with your phone.

Advanced SMS Preview gives you immediate, hands-free access to your messages Inbox. With this handy app, you can keep up with your SMS communication even when you are involved in activities that require full attention: driving, participating in a meeting, minding the baby.

Of course, in some cases you may not want others around you to be aware of who is texting you and what about. For these instances, ASP allows you to exclude specific people from the preview, so their messages will not pop up on your screen when you do not want them to.

Advanced SMS Preview is available for purchase or free trial through our website.