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28 October, 2010
Melon Mobile’s “I am here” puts you on the map
For those of us whose minds start to wander when someone gives us directions. For those who do not work well with street numbers, unfamiliar district names and uncontrolled use of the words “left” and “right”: Melon Mobile launched I am here. And it’s FREE, for now!

I am here is also for everyone else: those who often need to reach places and people, those who need to be reached and, of course, for the small but important group of map aficionados.

I am here is a precise-positioning application integrated with Ovi (Nokia) Maps with which you can easily send a map with your exact location to anyone in need of your directions. The three major benefits of I am here:

  • Allows you to manually fine-tune your position (even GPS can be imprecise).
  • Turns your selected map location into a tiny URL ready to send as a text message.
  • When opened, the link displays a map compatible with any phone browser.

Freshly launched I am here is free for a limited time only. Get it quick, following this link!