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07 September, 2010
Advanced Call Manager for Android just launched
Melon Mobile's best-selling productivity app available for a third mobile platform

Melon Mobile launched today Advanced Call Manager for Android, the developer’s flagship app. Already a best-selling productivity app for Symbian and Blackberry, Advanced Call Manager (ACM) is now offering its valuable call-handling functionality to all Android-phone owners.

With all the advanced features of the original ACM plus new features generated from user-feedback and an intuitive redesigned interface, this app is a must-have. To achieve uncluttered and intuitive interface, ACM for Android offers the three most popular call-handling actions: sending a busy tone, sending a busy tone followed by an automatic SMS reply, and muting the ringer. You will also find the convenient scheduler, which allows you to set according to your own schedule when blocking rules should change, so you can let ACM work in the background while you relax.

What’s new in this version is a detailed call log, for you to be able to keep an eye on blocked calls and not miss anything important by mistake. Another helpful feature introduced in ACM for Android to save on your phone bill is an option to control how many times ACM should send the auto-reply SMS to the same person if they call again within a short period of time. Additionally, when creating white- or blacklists, we have included the option for you to add existing contact groups from your phonebook to a new list in addition to a number of other convenient list-building options.

ACM has many pros and no cons that we are aware of (our QA department triple checked on that!) so do not miss out on the opportunity to get your incoming calls in order and save much time letting ACM avoid unwelcome callers for you. ACM for Android is launched at just $9.99. Read more about ACM’s functions here or go directly to its purchase page here.